Who Are We

Our goal is to offer you an exciting experience to better enjoy your stay in Rome and add another beautiful memory to your italian journey. Otivm Roof Bar is more than a terrace with a view of the Vittoriano and Capitoline Hill.

Our History

Otivm Hotel

The Otivm Hotel building was a property of the Italian Communist Party that played an important role in the resistance against Germany and the fight against Fascism during WWII. You can imagine these people, so important for Italy’s fate, exactly where you are, maybe taking crucial decisions looking at the same panorama that now is in front of you.

While waiting for your drink, selected by our Head Bartender, Enrico, you can relax and focus on the Capitoline Hill square masterfully redesigned by Michelangelo with the statue of Marcus Aurelius at the center. Or observe the Majestic Vittoriano with the statue of Victor Emmanuel III the king of Italy who united the country with Garibaldi.

Enjoy the caress of the western wind which is probably the same one that has been blowing over Rome for 2000 years. And we hope that your body will also be pervaded by shivers as happens to us since 2017 when we inaugurated the Otivm Hotel and its wonderful Rooftop bar.